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Maxime Rossi

Sister Ship

Galerie Allen, Paris

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Maxime Rossi
Sister Ship
52 min
Format & Technical

Single channel. HD video, colour, stereo sound 
Edition of 3 + 2 AP

  • Guitar: Korg, Kontakt
  • Sampler & Percussions: Check Tidiane Seck
  • Kora & Voice: Kandia Kora
  • Organ Pipe: Hampus Lindwall
  • Trumpet: Jac Berrocal
  • Synth, Sounds & K7: Aki Onda
  • Tap Dance & Body Percussion: Isabelle Dauzet
  • Bass Guitar, Synth, Orchestration: Alex Finkin
  • Drums & percussions: Jean Thevenin
  • Recording: Hell's Kitchen Studio, Minimal Studio, AYM Studio
  • Mix & Sound Edit: Masime Rossi, Alex Finkin, Emma Daumas
  • Voice: Emma Daumas  
  • Text : Julie Ault from the book ‘Come Alive! The Spirited Art of Sister Corita’, Four Corners  Books 200
  • Produced by: Maxime Rossi 
  • Editor: Julie Gilles
  • Colorist: Yann Tribolle    
  • Graphic Design Chapters: Leslie David
  • Graphic  Design Title: Alaric Garnier 
  • Sound Design: Alex Finkin 
  • Cinematographer: Florent de la Tullaye & Renaud Barret  
  • Camera Operator Overture:: Lindor &  Maxime Rossi
  • Animation : Maxime Rossi
  • Translation Lingala :  IDEM  
  • Translation French & proofreading: John Wigham, Maité & Nicolas  Rossi, Fanny Serain
  • Translation Italian:  Tiziana Di Caro, Alessia Evangelista, Gianmaria  Mazzeo
  •  Proofreading Italian : Adriana Erra
  • Logistics: Mathieu Pitkevicht 
  • Special Thanks : With support of: Fondation François Schneider, CAC Halles des Bouchers, GDM Paris, Galleria  Tiziana Di Caro and assistance of Galerie Allen. The production of the film Sister Ship movie  benefits from the support of FNAGP ­ Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques et Plastiques. 

The musical film Sister Ship, presents an acid-drip journey through the Congo with a Pygmy tribe mixing unused documentary footage of life on the river. With the support of curator/author, Julie Ault, the book Come Alive: The Spirited Art of Sister Corita is cast in the lead role. This cover-to-cover reading, including the spine, footnotes, captions and illustrations, is transformed into song to a tap dance beat performed by a synaesthete’s translation of said book. The collaged text and image generate arresting video and sound interactions. Silhouettes of the river banks unfold like a timeline following this musical flip book. The long and sinuous travelling echoes the repetition of Corita Kent’s pop-art processions and activist slogans, chanted like gospel prayers. Like an immaterial musical taken aboard a steamboat, the seven acts create a psychedelic maze of real situations.


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