Stefan Constantinescu

On The Other Side

Borderline Art Space, Iasi

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Stefan Constantinescu
On The Other Side
8 min
Format & Technical

Video - Film (HD)
Edition of 5

A locked french door separates a him from an invisible and unresponsive her, who is presumably hiding somewhere in her boudoir. He tries to enter, shifting his behavior incrementally from soft entreatment and negotiation to verbal threat and physical manifestations of anger. The tension builds with the movement of his shadow and his banging making the atmosphere more and more ominous, yet still evoking no response. The distance between the two lovers is endless and communication impossible. The shifts through absurdity to conceivable threat and desperation create a relationship which links desire to power as the woman is torn between her painful emotive reactions and longing for connection. The installation is set as a contrast of physical positions, and creates a staged scenario for viewers to encounter the disconnection each character faces. There is a distinctly disembodied aspect to the film. As viewers, we are able to see that the two shadows of malign movements will never be able to fully communicate, and their clouded pleading is met by an empty space they will never be able to access or see. The film’s rationale becomes heightened by these distinctions of separation and looped convolution, especially as it affects one’s inability intervene or power to act. On The Other Side continues Constantinescu’s series of short films reflecting the polarities and dualisms experienced within intimate relationships. The work is a sequel to the film ‘Prologue’.