Mounir Fatmi

Nada – Dance with the Dead


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Mounir Fatmi
Nada – Dance with the Dead
17 min 42 s
Format & Technical

HD video, color with sound
Edition of 1/5 + 2 AP

Nada. There is nothing. After death, there is only death. No judgment to sanction our existences.There is just us, humans.
Is mounir fatmi a nihilist? On the contrary, inspired by Goya’s Disasters of War, and particularly by Nada (print #69) that lends the film its title and suggests there is nothing, is anything but nihilistic, in fact Mounir Fatmi is actually an existentialist who celebrates being much more than nothingness, he celebrates being everything while we are alive. The artist enjoys using all types of images, whether they are hidden or put on display. All these images are assembled and mixed, appearing and disappeearing in a magic way. Death, violence, sex and the beauty of women, images of everything. Some would even say: demasiado.
Dance with the dead, the subtitle for NADA, really keeps that promise of making us dance with the dead through music, the sound is organic, like breathing.
Through his films and drawings, Mounir Fatmi scrutinizes the miseries of the world up close, to understand anomalies, death, disease, but also beauty; the beauty of art from the old We can see also the body, the woman’s sex, which mounir rarely shows, but when he does is shown crudely. The antidote to death can only be crude. Goya’s multiplicity inspires Fatmi’s versatility: from the Disasters of War to La maja desnuda, from life to death.