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Adrian Melis

Momentos que marcaron el mundo I, II, III

ADN Galería, Barcelona 

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Adrian Melis
Momentos que marcaron el mundo I, II, III
7 min 22 s
Format & Technical

Three channel installation, Colour, Sound

Momentos que marcaron el mundo I (World´s significant moments I) juxtaposes the long shot of a nowadays street in La Habana and the audio archive from the CNN live broadcasting the fall of the Berlin wall, in 1989. This simple disjunction between image and sound suggests the persistence of an ideological system which already fell apart in certain parts of the world, but still conditions life in Cuba.

Momentos que marcaron el mundo II (World´s significant moments II) juxtaposes images from a popular music festival in the city of Barcelona and the audio archive of the manifestations and street protests of the M-15 movement, which marked the most recent socio-political events.

Momentos que marcaron el mundo III (World´s significant moments III) is on production and will show images of flickering neon lights in China in contrast with the audio of an extract from a speech by Fidel Castro on Chinese communism.


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