Carlos Martiel


Gilda Lavia, Rome

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Carlos Martiel
31 min 28 s
Format & Technical

Digital video HD
Edition of 3 + 2 AP

The performance Mediterraneo was realized by Carlos Martiel in 2017 on the occasion of the 57th Venice Art International Biennale. The work stems from a reflection of the artist on the social theme of immigration and the consequent dramatic deaths in the Mediterranean Sea.
Inside a structure designed by the artist, a copious amount of water from the Mediterranean Sea has been inserted, taken directly from the Venice lagoon. Within thirty minutes, the water slowly descends through a hole, until the artist, positioned in the lower part of the glass case, is submerged.

The Cuban performer Carlos Martiel, in a series of crude and provocative actions, uses his body to convey a clear message of social and political denunciation, becoming a metaphor and symbol of a human system victim of the structures created by himself; these are series of actions aimed at the public, in which the artist tries to touch the depths of the human being through devices of suffering and deprivation.