Sarah Choo Jing

Consecutive Breaths

A.I., London

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Sarah Choo Jing
Consecutive Breaths
11 min 58 s
Format & Technical

HD Video Loop & Audio
Edition of 5

Consecutive Breaths is a collection of footages shot across more than 80 Mass Transit Railway stations in Hong Kong. Through observing actual characters and moments in time, she presents a composite of documented footages; suggesting a potential narrative within an increasingly isolated urban aquarium. Occasionally chasing and often searching for a temporal connection with strangers, Choo emphasizes on the very act of waiting and exemplifies on the deliberate slowing down of time. There is an uneasy recognition that the encountered scenes are lacerated culminations of the past, present and future. With a clear absence in communication, estranged passengers are taken from one point to another, in-between moments; in-transit.