Polina Kanis


Galerie C, Neuchâtel

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Polina Kanis
13 min 27 s
Format & Technical

Video, loop, HD

This work reflects the feast as the moment when the repression that is implanted into everyday life, is being crystallized during the ritual of celebration.

It shows us men in uniform dancing with each other indifferently. We do not understand who they are, why they are together and what will happen next. In spite of the fact that the characters are united in action, there is a strong feeling that each of them remains in the personal space completely alienated from the others. It takes time to realize that the absurdity of the scene is a challenge to the vision itself. It is not just a demand for empathy that, nevertheless, allows keeping the distance, but a diagnosis to the audience. However, the distance disappears when the suspicion turns the made-up image of the world into the nightmare of social reality. In this conventional celebration, the sparkling trash is not jolly, and the signs of attraction do not entice. So, absurdity remains the inherent meaning of these ritual exchanges; it is a worm-eaten fruit of tradition.