Derek Kreckler

Bycicle Race

Jarvis Dooney, Berlin

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Derek Kreckler
Bycicle Race
13 min 5 s
Format & Technical

Super 8 trasferred to digital
Edition of 4 + 2 AP

Bicycle Race began as a pencil drawing of a double helix. Kreckler transferred the drawing onto a public road using 25 kg of flour. The flour was laid onto the bitumen surface of the road in a pattern similar to the diagram shown above. The performance began with a bicycle rider cycling around the line of flour. After two circuits another cyclist entered, fourteen cyclists entered in this way. At first the action was fluid, the cyclists moved in harmony weaving around the pattern. However, as each new cyclist entered, tension grew because it became increasing harder to avoid collision. At a given signal “stop” the cyclists left in the same manner as they came, one at a time after two circuits of the drawing.
The performance lasted about 20 minutes.
Kreckler’s works span performance, film, photography, installation and video. He has regularly created tough insistent imagery that has been at the critical edge of Australian art history and which has provided comment on our countries past, present and future. The art of Derek Kreckler is often described as ‘unsettling’. Some have even referred to it as ‘dangerous’. Whether relishing the risk of experimentation and chance, or purposefully challenging our perceptions of country, identity and self, Kreckler’s works flirt with an uncertainty that can prickle the neck. At the same time they open our eyes to the magic of how images are made, the murkiness of nationhood and its perpetuation, and the wonder of how powerful the landscape can be. His works have much to share about art history, social relations, popular culture and the environment. Kreckler offers conceptual and expressive forms that are commanding yet spacious: works that are sufficiently suggestive to allow us to generate worlds around them.