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YunTing Tsai

Betwixt and Between

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YunTing Tsai
Betwixt and Between
8 min 15 s
Format & Technical

Single channel, Colour, Music

  • YunTing Tsai: Creative Director
  • YunTing Tsai: Choreography
  • Yu-He Lin, I-Hsin Hung, I-Jen Hung, YunTing Tsai: Material devised and performed
  • YunTing Tsai, I-Hsian Chang: Set conceived
  • YunTing Tsai: Costume Design
  • Che-Nmin Huang: Hair Style
  • Mu-His Chen, Po-Yuan Hsu, Chun-Wei Huang: Camera and Lighting Crew
  • Olivier Messiaen: Music
  • YunTing Tsai: Video Post Production
  • YunTing Tsai, I-Hsian Chang: Producer

Betwixt and Between represents sometime in life, undecided, and somewhere between two alternatives, neither here nor there. I was in a midway position, in the middle of a period of time. A bit confused, but I was certain of leaving without any possible explanation.  The exposed concrete buildings were used as a metaphor.  I felt imprisoned inside a rigid and impregnable construction, not only the system but the limitations of life. It is painful to rebel directly against the walls. In order to travel, I leaned out over the iron railings instead, leveraging the power of those restrictions.  With the light that this brought, I was less panicked at least, in spite of the fact of being in an uncertain situation; partly virtual, partly real; seemingly virtual and real at the same time that I could not tell. The shadows cast over my travel become the echo of an ongoing journey.


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