Cecilia Bengolea

Lightning Dance

ángels ​barcelona​, Barcelona

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Cecilia Bengolea
Lightning Dance
6 min 3 s
Format & Technical

B/W video

"Lightning Dance" investigates the influence of electric weather on bodily imagination.

It features several young Jamaicans who, in company of the artist, perform solo and group dance routines while heavy rain falls. As the dancers take center stage, their movements refer to popular Jamaican Dancehall, a highly sexualized dance style, which Cecilia Bengolea sees as infused with magical healing powers. The unapologetically rough setting of the piece in combination with its illuminating effect —reinforced by the black-and-white aesthetics—highlight the dynamic gestures of the performers captivating the gaze of the viewer, whilst the sounds of thunderstorm become the beats to which the choreography is synched. The only trace left of Dancehall music is the low-frequency base in the background, amplified by the intensity of the choreography. By dissolving the boundaries between the nature and the human Lightning Dance captivates the viewer to the point of channelling life through movement and light.