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“You be good. I love you.”

— Online talk via Zoom

Monday 16 November 2020, 6 pm

“You be good. I love you.”
Alloza & Calzadilla, "The Great Silence", 2014

In the second session of the LOOP Talks 2020 program, the Berlin-based Spanish curator Sonia Fernández Pan proposes a space for reflection that invites us to rethink, in times of pandemic, our relationship with the environment and alternative, more inclusive ways of co-existence between beings.

“To what extent is human ethics compatible with non-human ethics? What tools, not just narratives, do we have in mind to circumvent human exceptionalism? Why is it less difficult for us to imagine the end of the world than the end of the capitalist system? With this meeting I do not intend–and I cannot–answer these and many other questions, but perhaps it is possible to point out directions and draw deviations from the political dimension of imagination and from conversation as a tool capable of collectivizing individual experiences.”

This session will be held in Spanish.

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