Ways of Curating Moving Images

Thursday 25 May 2017

This meeting between curators of contemporary art – specializing in the moving image-, artists who frequent the discipline that contains images in time, film curators / programmers of cinema to screen single-channel – whether independent programs or programs meant to accompany other works-, or specialist teachers in the emerging discipline of the Time Based Media. It has committed to give voice to several agents to share their experiences, to try to better define their roles, and deepen the complex context of the curator, from their different aspects including any event, whether installation, audiovisual program, sample, etc.

The focus will be on sharing their points of view, research and challenges in the elements of space work (white cube / dark room), contextual (gallery / exhibition / festival / biennal / art fair), format support (film / video / digital-online), display (single-channel / multiscreen / virtual / augmented reality, etc.), temporal aspects (loop / linear defined, etc.), etc.; thus, deepening the aspects that modify the viewer’s perception in each case and in the dialogue -or imposition- that is stable with other “static” artistic disciplines.