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Modos de curar la imagen en movimiento

— A workshop curated by Antoni Pinent

22 — 24 May 2017

Modos de curar la imagen en movimiento
Anthony McCall, 'Face to Face III', 2013-2014

On the occasion of their first collaboration, BAU and LOOP present 'Modos de curar la imagen en movimiento', a three-day seminar around the complex universe of the moving image curated by Antoni Pinent.

Download the seminar’s programme and the related bibliography here

This seminar will offer a possible itinerary through the history of the moving image, as it simultaneously inhabits both the conventional space of the “dark room” and the so-called “white cube”. The goal, however, is not to establish a confrontation of moving images as “black box” vs.”white cube”, but rather to outline a possible symbiosis of the multiple display proposals that can exist.

Curator and film curator Antoni Pinent will lead the seminar and use such proposals to exemplify, illustrate and reflect on possible ways of curating the moving image. He will also reference the work of other curators and film curators, through emblematic exhibitions and film programs that marked or influenced their way of understanding the exhibition / exhibition of moving image in the context of contemporary art, and left an in important mark in the history of curating.

The seminar will be conceived as a meeting place where to exchange ideas and generate an open dialogue among experts or newcomers in the field. The three sessions – which will be conducted in Spanish – will take place between 9.30 am and 2 pm every morning, and they will be followed by a series of screenings or guided tour to the exhibitions featured in the LOOP Festival’s programme.



22 - 5 - 2017

9.30 am - 2 pm (30 minute break)
Daily session and masterclass led by Antoni Pinent
6 pm - 12 am
Film marathon: 'Paul McCarthy (video performances from the 1970s and 1980s)', at Aribau Multicines

23 - 5 - 2017

9.30 am - 2 pm (30 minute break)
Daily session and masterclass led by Antoni Pinent
Throughout the afternoon
Guided tour to one or more of the exhibitions featured in teh Festival's programme

24 - 5 - 2017

9.30 am - 2 pm (30 minute break)
Daily session and masterclass led by Antoni Pinent
5 - 7 pm
'Looking the Mirror, I See Me' (early women's video art from the Video Data Bank Collection) at MACBA
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