Harun Farocki Institut (HaFI)

Saturday 4 June 2016, 1:30 pm — 8:03 am

In November 2015 part of Harun Farocki’s estate moved to a separate area in the new archival spaces of the “Arsenal–Institute for Film and Video Art” at silent green Kulturquartier in Berlin. The holdings are including film and video material (especially “odds and ends”) and various other materials on Farocki’s individual projects. One of the goals of the Harun Farocki Institute is to preserve and provide access to the extensive holdings in order to facilitate scholarly, artistic, or curatorial work tp those who are interested.
The Harun Farocki Institute was founded in 2015. It is both a platform for research on the practice and work of Harun Farocki and a flexible framework for new artistic, scholarly, and pedagogical projects that investigate the past, present, and future of visual culture. “With such an institution we can also organize an association of working people, not gathered from an abstract understanding, but from the contact points of work.” (Harun Farocki, 1976)