Col·lecció MACBA. Martha Rosler: God Bless America!!

— Curated by Tanya Barson.

18 May — 15 October 2017

Martha Rosler, 'Prototype' (film still)

A selection of works from the MACBA Collection, the exhibition focuses on the artist's video Martha Rosler.

A pioneer during the 70s in the use of video as a tool for social and political analysis, the work of Martha Rosler (New York, 1943) still questions and speaks to western lifestyles.Through a selection of works from the MACBA Collection, the exhibition—named after abrief and ironic antiwar piece from 2006—focuses on the artist’s video production from the 70s up to her most recent productions. With works like Semiotics of the Kitchen (1975), Martha Rosler Reads “Vogue” (1982) and Born to be Sold: Martha Rosler Reads the Strange Case of Baby S./M. (1988), among others, the exhibition also focuses its attention on another of the critical axes that articulate Rosler’s work and that reveal politics as an ideological exercise of power. Without renouncing humour, and with a direct language thatincorporates documentary, performance and text materials, Rosler’s visual narrations show her great critical efficiency addressing the world’s latest affairs.