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Watch the LOOP Talks 2016

— A four day forum on the sill debated relationship between video art and cinema.

Watch the LOOP Talks 2016

The Talks are now available to view on our video channel.

Expanding on the main theme of the festival, this year’s edition of the Talks focused on the still-debated relationship between video art and cinema. The programme shaped according to three main lines of investigation:

  • Exhibiting Cinema, or the eternal debate on how to better display artists’ films and videos in the gallery space, relate with cinematic codes and implement new curatorial practices;
  • Modes of Film Practice, or the “cluster of historically bound institutions, practices and concepts that form a context within which cinematic media are used”* and that can be deployed to understand avant-garde and experimental filmmaking as well as artists’ films;
  • Artists in Transition, or a study of those creative practices that sit on the fence between video art and cinema.


Complete Programme


Labour in a Single Shot – A presentation by artist, author and curator Antje Ehmann


Ways of Filmmaking – Film and Video artist Malcolm Le Grice in conversation with Erika Balsom

Exhibiting Cinema – A conversation between curators Caroline Bourgeois, Sabine Breitwieser and Gloria Moure


From the Art Gallery to the Cinema Space, and Back – Gallerists Anthony Reynolds and Ani Molnár and independent producer Jacqui Davies in conversation with Gabriela Galcerán (Project Manager, Talking Galleries)

Passages de l’image – Curators Christine van Assche (Centre Pompidou) and Raymond Bellour (CNRS) and artist David Claerbout in conversation with art writer and lecturer Erika Balsom

Early and Late A lunch with…Anthony McCall


Harun Farocki Institut (HaFI) – An introduction by Antje Ehmann along with artist Filipa Cesar and curator Stefanie Schulte Strathaus (Artist Director, Arsenal, Berlin)

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