Éléonore Saintagnan

Un film abécédaire

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Éléonore Saintagnan
Un film abécédaire
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LOOP Edition
Ed. 2011
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Elaine Lévy (Levy.Delval)

As its title, An alphabet. Alphabet primers are a well know form, and their many uses range from typeface charts by way of cross-stitch embroidery to boards teaching children their letters. Just like this object with its various uses, the film that is shot in the Parc Régional des Ballons des Vosges is at a crossroads of genres. By turn documentary, “docu-fictional” or oneiric, the chapters provide the opportunity for a meeting with a Keith Richard fan; an epiphany, Saint Nicholas going through the forest; or indeed the demonstration of the persistence of local myths and rural traditions. Attuned to the story or to reality, viewers discover identities or situations that are structured in a permanent back and forth between personality and individual, the principle of reality and a story.