Claudia Larcher


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Claudia Larcher
8 min
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Single Channel, HD video, Colour, Sound 5.1

LOOP Edition
Ed. 2015
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  • Constantin Popp: Music

The video animation Self reflects the human skin as the border between ‘oneself’ and the ‘world’. In analogy to the representation function of architecture, Self contemplates the human skin through its potential to design one’s own representation. Yet, once the human body is understood as an architectural envelope, its picture can be expanded arbitrarily and freely modulated. Methodologically, this allows Self to scrutinise the interplay of function and representation in different ways. Self-perception and the others’ awareness of oneself are thereby examined against backdrop of identity, gender and perfection. The video consists of subjective impressions which are mixed with images of real structures. A psychological space is created: real organic structures merge with abstract patterns and form a net of reality and surreal vision in which time and space become nullified. The result is a video of fictional and impossible pan shots, which create surreal imagery ranging between dream and reality.