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Arturo Fuentes


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Arturo Fuentes
8 min
Format & Technical

Single channel, HD video, Colour, Stereo Sound

LOOP Edition
Ed. 2009

Planar studies the mechanism of visual perception and reflects on the image generation process in our mind. It is not our eyes that see but our brain. Our visual perception draws all the information from the plain projection that falls in our retina. Reality is shown from consecutive shots that give rise to twodimensional perceptions. To our eyes, we are just the audience of a plain reality.
Planar opens up for us the doors of our memory. Material brittle and devoid of air, fickle and handled by our conscience to work out dreams and concepts: the sky, a rope, water, motherhood, language, a wall… are supported on two-dimensions. This is what this work is about: perception and imagination supported by the same principles, asphyxiated characters that inhabit our brain, memory shots and evocation manufactured into the illusion of depth.
This work also suggests that shot and time depend one on the other as regards that time allows a parceled out vision of every possible shot or a quantum simultaneousness of everything.


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