Vicente Blanco

Paisaje Nevado

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Vicente Blanco
Paisaje Nevado
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Single channel, HD video, Colour, Sound

LOOP Edition
Ed. 2003
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Galería Marisa Marimón

My work carries out projects in different media (video-animation, murals, drawings, cardboard models and collages) in which I explore the narrative aspect of the work and how it intervenes in identity-building processes. In my animations, I rule out the movement associated with cinematic syntax, and construct the narrative through details. I integrate elements coming from a world of art or architecture that are heavily loaded with symbolism, such as Wright’s Fallingwater, the Atomium, constructivist sculptures, communist buildings or the prototypes of automobiles from the 1960’s. My characters are adolescents. Adolescense is situated halfway between a childhood imaginary and the adult world and it’s a moment of transition, which often leads to an exaggerated assimilation of conventions. I am concerned by the extreme fragillity it involves.