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Joana Vasconcelos


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Joana Vasconcelos
4 min 33 s
Format & Technical

Mini DV transferred to digital format, PAL, 4:3, Colour, Sound

LOOP Edition
Ed. 2009
Presented in LOOP by
Galería Horrach Moya
  • Carlos Paredes: Music performation
  • Artur Paredes: Music
  • Gonçalo Paredes: Music

Hand-Made (2008), documents, in a loop projection, the handcrafted work in crochet and knitting of five women of different generations, countries and cultural backgrounds. The permanent circular travelling of the camera portrays the work and socialising between the protagonists, on a trip that covers some of the most emblematic examples of Portugal’s architectural heritage, from the megalithic Almendres Cromlech, to the Pena Palace, the epitome of Romanic architecture in Portugal(1), highlighting the documental character of the project. Hand-Made thus reveals an intricate network of relations of an ethnographic, sociological and historical meaning.

(1)Apart from the above mentioned monument, the trip also includes the Roman Temple in Évora, also known as the Temple of Diana; the Alcobaça Monastery; the Batalha Monastery (or Santa Maria da Vitória Monastery); the Jerónimos Monastery (or Santa Maria de Belém Monastery); the Tower of Belém (or the Tower of Saint Vicent of Belém); the Fortress of Sagres; the Mafra Palace (or Convent and Basilica of Mafra); and the National Palace of Queluz.


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