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Valentin Ranger

Going to the Meta Hospital

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Valentin Ranger
Going to the Meta Hospital
19 min 09 s
Format & Technical

3D Video, Color, Sound

LOOP Edition
Ed. 2023
Presented in LOOP by
Spiaggia Libera
  • Courtesy: the artist

The Meta Hospital is designed as a place of welcome, repair, and care for all virtual bodies, without discrimination. By combining drawings and 3D, physical and digital, still images and moving images, Valentin Ranger recreates a constantly transforming world, where humans are invited to redefine themselves through new technologies. In this work, the artist subverts the instability and chaos of our unequal societies to give a place to the marginalized, thus building a protean ecosystem based on balances that reality has deprived us of.

”I am constructing a world where we can rethink our relationship to the body and our perpetual mutations, giving birth to new human species. This imaginary world knows no limits. It develops like a treasure cave, filled with objects and characters telling the story of a civilization that comes back to life by connecting with its environment.” ― Valentin Ranger


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