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Nela Ochoa

Genetic Echo

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Nela Ochoa
Genetic Echo
2 min 45 s
LOOP Edition
Ed. 2008
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Hardcore Art Contemporary

The main focus of Nela Ochoa’s work is the human body as a whole, which, in its corporeal and incorporeal forms. Contains and transmutes everything. She looks to the body not only for answers but also new questions. Her exploration involves dance, video, performance, installations and paintings in an attempt to see things from different angles, wherever her investigations lead her. Since 1994 he has been working with chromosomes, genetic sequences and event graphics of her own DNA, printed on latex. She has used the genetic addictions, as well as flora and fauna gene, always replacing the A-T-C-G (adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine) for colours and forms that add cultural meaning to nature, with the belief that we can modify us. She tries to create a new dialogue using the idea of the inner nature of human beings, which has been baptized as “the third nature”:


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