Raúl Ortega Ayala

Field­note 25­-01-­16 (unintended anthropometric and behavioral study material)

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Raúl Ortega Ayala
Field­note 25­-01-­16 (unintended anthropometric and behavioral study material)
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The work rescues discarded footage of old castings and presents it as an anthropometric exercise offering a portrait of contemporary behaviour and people's aspirations.

Raúl Ortega Ayala’s recent work explores history with a focus on Social amnesia and on subjects that for reasons known or unknown did not make it into the realm of history. During his research he happened upon various discarded VHS tapes abandoned in a dusty corner of a film set in Mexico City. From these tapes the artist specifically selected casting shots for commercials from the early 1990s. They not only portray all those people that were not selected, but at the same time offer a quick succession of various human types. The work tragicomically characterises an age, which was still unaware of the impact that mobile communications, social networks, and reality shows would soon have.