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Glenda León

Delirio II

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Glenda León
Delirio II
1 min
Format & Technical

Single channel, Sound, Colour, HD video

LOOP Edition
Ed. 2011
Presented in LOOP by
Dominique Fiat

In her series of work Delirios, Glenda Leon undertakes the project of a “synaesthesia”: to lisen to things and to look at sounds. In previous works, the artist was already bringing to light other ways of comprehending our senses. By using paradoxes, she aimed at pointing out the different strategies we live by and end up half blind half deaf. Delirio II shows a tree standing in the middle of a sunny meadow. When the thunder of a storm strikes, the butterflies that were forming the leaves of the tree fly away. The last image is a desolated tree sticking out on a background made out of light and ink. The sound of the thunder becomes a daunting chinese shadow, and the other way round. We then come close to the idea of the mirage, what we see and what we feel gets mixed and as a result, we lose the notion of reality. Am I looking at the Nature or an image of the Nature? Does that mean we are dealing with delirium? Here is a large subject depicted by artists.


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