Glenda León

Inversion II

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Glenda León
Inversion II
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Single channel, Colour, Sound, HD video

LOOP Edition
Ed. 2013
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Galería SENDA

The idea for the video Inversión arose from a conversation with two financiers and collectors of art. Inversión has two meanings in Spanish:
1) to invest money on something
2) to turn something upside down.

This absurd gesture of inhaling money has obvious economic connotations: a reference to the current economic crisis, questioning of the most established structures of society and money as object of desire.

While most of the people work for money, I invest my time and even certain physical effort in destroying it. Making art has, after all, always been linked to a palpable or immediate social utility.
This is just a sketch of the multiple significations that this video may have; I leave a space of silence to be completed by the spectator.