Helena Almeida

Untitled (2010)

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Helena Almeida
Untitled (2010)
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Single channel, Black and white, Sound, HD video

LOOP Edition
Ed. 2012
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Galería Filomena Soares

Untitled (2010) follows a series of photographic works developed by the author in the same year. The video is about the path taht the artist and her husband tied by wire in their legs, travelling in the studio. The celebration of love but also of the effort seems to be patent in the difficulty of moving between them, where the path traveled becomes an endless ordeal. Given the impossibility of freedom, cohabitation in the same confined space and the sacrifice of both, the artist reflects on the adverse human relations in a contemporary world. These relationships are undermined by external conditions but mainly by internal limits associated with psychological and intimate issues, caused by the subject as a self-flagellation. Thus, and even outright deception, the viewer is led to reflect on their own human condition, about their limits and about its possibilities.