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Ivan Örkény and Sandy White

On False Domesticity

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Ivan Örkény and Sandy White
On False Domesticity
4 min 41 s
Format & Technical

Single channel, SD video, Colour, Animation colour

LOOP Edition
Ed. 2007
Presented in LOOP by
Galería Senda

On False Domesticity, our latest multimedia installation, comprises an animation in two parts, prints and sculpture. Together these components explore the dialogue between the isolated and the domestic self. Oliver, the protagonist, is inundated by his imagination as he is exposed to the consequences of intense self-examination.
The animation’s narrative leads the viewer through a seemingly mundane workday. The barred windows and the green computer screen of Oliver’s office are extensions of his imagination, blurring the line between self and environment. In his industrial cubicle, Oliver is overwhelmed by impressions of his domestic surroundings. Suspended on a scaffold of memories, his dwelling consists of three concentric rings which are classified as intimate vulnerability, material status, and communication technology. The only contact with the outside world is an illusion. The orbiting media cart on the outermost ring transmits information back to his desolate office as he sits at the keyboard, creating a loop of self-induced feedback. It is the ring of communication technology that he observes the inner-workings of his layered domestic system.


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