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LOOP Talks 2019: ‘Double Talk’

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Tao Hui and Marko Daniel
English, Chinese

The 2019 edition of the Talks gathered together artists, curators and collectors to discuss a variety of different topics such as the crossovers between politics and art, the socialization of private institutions and collections, precarity and resistance and the preservation of cultural heritage.

For this conversation, Tao Hui (Artist, Beijing) engaged in a “Double Talk” with Marko Daniel (Director, Fundació Joan Miró), and gave an overview of his work. Mostly know for his creating immersive video-installations, Tao Hui’s projects bend the boundaries of fiction and reality to address issues related with culture and identity. His works are visceral and provocative, yet enlightening and always imbued with a strong emotional power and a sense of displacement. Ultimately, they invite viewers to confront themselves with their own cultural history, ways of living and social identities.
Double Talk is also the name of the video that Tao Hui presented LOOP Fair, with Esther Schipper (Berlin).

The speakers were accompanied in this conversation by translator Tianqi Zhang.

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