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LOOP Talks 2017: Nam June Paik. Radical Video. Jin-suk Suh in conversation with Menene Gras

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Jin Suk Suh and Menene Gras Balaguer

As an in-depth contribution to the “contemporary archaeology of video” prompted by the Festival, this year’s edition of the Talks provided a current reading of early video art. Eminent pioneering artists conversed with curators of peer and younger generations, so to establish formal and conceptual connections between the past and present and explore the influence of avant-garde artistic proposals on contemporary production. 

The Nam June Paik Art Center (Yongin, Korea) opened to the public in 2008. Since then, it is the reference institution for the study and promotion of the artist’s pioneering work. In this conversation, Jin-suk Suh (Director, Nam June Paik Art Centre) and Menene Gras (Head of Culture and Exhibitions, Casa Asia) hence discussed the role of the centre in the preservation and diffusion of Paik’s work, as well as its commitment in promoting and supporting emerging artists.

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