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‘Collecting Live: In Conversation with the Players’ (Ángel & Clara Nieto in conversation with Montse Badia)

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Ángel / Clara Nieto and Montse Badia

By gathering together international collectors to participate into one-to-one conversations, ‘Collecting Live’ resulted into a concise yet insightful roundup on different collecting strategies.

Starting by introducing their recently born project ‘A Window in Berlin’ (2013), Ángel and Clara Nieto talk about collecting as a ‘statement’, as a fundamental act that irremediably mirrors one’s identity and beliefs. Accordingly, their collection literally features as a window into Iberian-American culture, providing the city of Berlin with powerful visual insights into a foreign dimension. Through this project, the act of collecting ultimately translates into a tool to merge and mingle diverse cultural universes, while it functions as way to open up a space for international collaboration, too.

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