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The “visión” series is the result of a collaboration between the Instituto Cervantes and LOOP Barcelona. This program aimed at promoting videos of Spanish and Latin American artists who attended the festival, and were selected by a curator of reference.

visión: a was the title of the programme’s first edition, which was coordinated by Javier Duero. The catalog is presented in a folder format to gradually introduce new materials for future editions. It includes texts and materials created for the occasion by the selected artists, accompanied by reference texts of the first three centers where the exhibition was on view: Beijing, Milan and Stockholm.

The selected artists where: Xoán Anleo, Vasco Araujo, Rui Calçada Bastos, María Cañas, Blanca Casas Brulet, Arturo Fuentes, Anna Gonzalez Suero, Sebastián Gordín, Paulina León, Andrés Michelena, Alexandra Navratil, Alejandro Vidal

Javier Duero, Valentina Prisco, Wu Mei Chun, Anna Linder
Carmen Caffarel, Emilio Álvarez, Carlos Durán, Llucià Homs and Javier Duero
Edited by
Javier Duero and María Ozcoidi
Published by
Instituto Cervantes and LOOP Barcelona
Publication date
Spanish, English and Catalan
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