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Yu Cheng-Ta


Yu Cheng-Ta
Yu Cheng-Ta

Yu Cheng-Ta lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan. Working primarily with non-professional actors in staged performances, Yu has developed a body of work that deals with the interstitial spaces and humorous misunderstandings that arise when different languages and cultures collide. 

Yu has participated in many important exhibitions, festivals and biennials, including: “Between Earth and the Sky: The Spiritual State of Our Times”, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei (TW, 2020); “FAMEME”, Performa 19 Biennial, New York (US, 2019); “Watermelon Sisters Go Camping in Paris”, Centre National de la Danse, Paris (FR, 2019); “Watermelon Love”, Centre Pompidou, Paris (FR, 2018); “Tell Me What You Want”, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen (DK, 2018)/ Centre Pompidou, Paris (FR, 2018); “Tell Me What You Want – A Solo Exhibition by Yu Cheng – Ta”; among others. 

Yu was awarded First Place of Taipei Arts Awards, Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TW, 2008).  

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