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Yaby (Beatriz Ortega Botas + Alberto Vallejo)

Yaby  (Beatriz Ortega Botas + Alberto Vallejo)
Yaby (Beatriz Ortega Botas + Alberto Vallejo)

Beatriz Ortega Botas (Oviedo, 1990) i Alberto Vallejo (Zamora, 1990) are the founders of Yaby, an independent art space that was active in Madrid between 2017 and 2022 where they developed an abundant programme of readings, performances and individual and collective exhibitions by local and  international artists. The space became a research platform that interacted with important current critical debates, exploring issues such as convention, identity and social environment, counter-publics, minor codes, readability, opacity, abstraction and situated uses of other generic languages. Beatriz and Alberto also direct and edit an online magazine titled_AH.

They both have degrees in Art History from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid; Beatriz Ortega Botas completed a Research Master in Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam (2014–2016) and Alberto Vallejo completed a Master in Interactive Media: Critical Theory and Practice (2016) at Goldsmiths (University of London).


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