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Sveva and Francesco Taurisano

Sveva and Francesco Taurisano
Sveva and Francesco Taurisano

Sveva D’Antonio graduated in History of Art from Suor Orsola Benincasa in Naples in 2013, with a thesis on how certain type of films can be transformed in artworks and later access the museum space.  After various internships in contemporary art galleries in Naples and Brussels, Sveva started working as an assistant at Laveronica arte contemporanea (Modica, Sicily), a contemporary art gallery mainly presenting politically and socially oriented art. In 2016, she then became a partner of the gallery.

Collezione Taurisano is a private collection of contemporary art based in Naples. Started in the 1970s by Paolo Taurisano, it is now flourishing thanks to the passion of his son Francesco, together with his wife Sveva D’Antonio. Francesco inherited the passion for art from his father, and that led him to specialize in Italian art from the 1970s. He soon started collecting key works from the Transavanguardia movement, and later went on acquiring pieces from the Nouveau Realisme and the Nuclear Movement. Art pushed him to travel a lot and to meet Sveva, whom he would later marry.  With almost 400 titles to date, the collection’s main focus is now on living artists exploring the most pressing issues of our time. There are no restrictions on medium, but instead when the relationship with the artist is fruitful the collection is committed to following the production process of their works. He shares with his father the passion for art since he was a little child and for this reason he started to study italian art from ’70 but not only.

Last update 23rd October 2019

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