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Stefano Miraglia

1988, Málaga

Stefano Miraglia
Stefano Miraglia
Artist, Curator, Participant

Stefano Miraglia is an Italian-Spanish artist, curator and writer based in Paris. His activities focus on artists’ moving image. Since 2018 he has curated and presented several programs of experimental and artists’ films and collaborated with various international exhibition spaces such as Bétonsalon, Kora, La Rada and Optica.

Stefano is the founder and principal curator of Movimcat—an online project for the dissemination of artist’s cinema—and a member of the French association of art curators C|E|A.

Often composed from diaristic and archival images, his films explore the notion of collage in cinema, combining noise music, photography, documentary and abstraction. His work has been presented internationally in exhibition spaces such as the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, Fabrica research center, Centrum and in numerous film festivals.

IG: @movimcat  @stemiraglia

Last updated: November 11th, 2022

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