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Sooyoung Lee

Sooyoung Lee
Sooyoung Lee
Curator, Participant

Sooyoung Lee is currently Curator of Nam June Paik Art Centre. She curated a number of exhibitions and performances including Utopian Laser TV Station(2016), Haroon Mirza (2015), Intermedia Theater(2015), Good Morning Mr. Orwell 2014(2014), Video Concert (2012) and X Sound (co-curating, 2012). She also worked on major collection displays at Nam June Paik Art Center as a key member of its curatorial team. Before joining Nam June Paik Art Center, she was curator of ilmin museum of Art in Seoul and curated a number of exhibitions including Endlessly Forking Pathes. Born in South Korea, Lee was also a part-time Lecturer at Seoul National University in Seoul.

Sooyoung Lee has a long-standing interest in contemporary art conservation with specific expertise on new forms of artistic practice, including the new media art, time-based works of art and performance art and the changing relationship between the art and technology.

Last update: May 18th, 2017

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