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Sílvia Cepero

Sílvia Cepero
Sílvia Cepero

Sílvia cofounded Association Càmeres i Acció (2012), which works audiovisual techniques and social journalism as an intervention and transformation tool. Currently, in this association she designs and coordinates several audiovisual intervention and facilitation projects. She also  has a degree in Sciences Communication and she has studied Documentary and Genre. She is finishing an official training in Mediation Group Process by IFACE (European Facilitation Institute) Sílvia Cepero has produced, mounted and co-directed different documentaries “Virus” (25 ‘-2013), “Rap en la Trajana” (30’ – 2014), “Homeless Portraits” (60 ‘- 2014), “Puzzle” 60 ‘- 2015), “Living to the Limit” (60’-2016) and “(From) We Build the Refuge” (Today). She has been part of communal and independent media as a journalist, director and editor. He has done several courses in discourse critical analysis of and social transformation through dance and theater. She is a video activist and a feminist.

Last update: May 11th, 2017

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