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Shahar Marcus

1971, Israel

Shahar Marcus
Shahar Marcus

Shahar Marcus (Petach Tikva, 1971) is an Israeli based artist who primarily works with performance and video art. His initial works dealt with the exploration of his own body and its limitations- incorporating various perishable materials, such as dough, juice and ice. Food is also a major theme in Marcus’s works. For instance, his recurrent use of bread as a symbol of essentiality and survival is juxtaposed with military symbols. By working with food, a perishable, momentary substance, and by turning it into a piece of clothing or a set, Marcus also flirts with art history, transforming arbitrary objects and materials into something immortal and everlasting.
His early video-performances feature himself along with other artists, with whom he had collaborated in the past. However, in his recent works, Marcus appears by himself, while embodying different roles and characters.
His most recent works deal with local political issues, by approaching iconic Israeli landmarks with a critical and humorous point of view. Thus, Marcus reflects on his own heritage, environment and the creation of local historical narratives. His works are influenced by the visual language of cinematography along with familiar themes and tributes to art history and artists, such as Yves Klein, Paul McCarthy, Peter Greenway and Jackson Pollock.
Marcus has exhibited at various art institutions around the world and many of his works are included in diverse important collections.


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Shahar Marcus
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