Raymond Bellour

1939, Lyon, France


Raymond Bellour is a researcher, writer, emeritus research scientist at the CNRS (CRAL, Paris). He has been responsible for the edition of the complete works of Henri Michaux in the Pléiade (1996-2004) and co-curated in 1990 the “Passages de l’image” exhibition at the Centre Georges Pompidou.  His books include ‘L’Analyse du film’ (1979); ‘L’Entre-Images. Photo, Cinéma, Vidéo’ (1990), ‘L’Entre-Images 2. Mots, Images’ (1999); ‘Le Corps du cinéma. Hypnoses, Émotions, Animalités’ (2009), ‘La Querelle des dispositifs. Cinéma – installations, expositions’.  (2012). He is a founding member of the film journal ‘Trafic’.

February 29th, 2016