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Raquel Friera and Xavier Bassas

Raquel Friera and Xavier Bassas
Raquel Friera and Xavier Bassas

Raquel Friera first obtained a degree in Economics and worked where sales rates must grow every quarter. She then did Fine Arts and her artistic projects began by dynamiting precisely everything she had learned in both degrees: Sobre perder el tiempo (2007), Maltepe (2007), Tiempo libre (2009), Habana-Guáimaro (2010). These were followed by other projects that denounced the various devices of social control: the internment centers for foreigners, racial or religious identities, economic morality, among others. Feminist thought has accompanied her more and more in her work to finally synthesize time as the essential device for the production of subjectivity in our societies.

Together with Xavier Bassas, professor of French Studies at the UB, translator of French thought and activist philosopher, she founded the Suspended Time Institute (ITS) in Laboratory 987 of Musac (León). It is a project that combines the means of art and philosophy to challenge chrononormativity and open a new poetics of time. The Suspended Time Institute would not want to limit itself to placing “life at the center”, as some feminist thinkers rightly insist: it would be about knowing that placing life at the center is placing suspended time at the center of our lives. And to practice it.

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