Ramón Parramón

Ramón  Parramón
Ramón Parramón
Jury, Participant, Speaker

He is currently Professor-Investigator Serra Húnter of the University of Barcelona. Subdirector at EINA (2019-2021). Director and founder of IDENSITAT, a collective project, through which he develops his research practice as an artist and cultural manager. He has been director of the ACVIC. Centre d’Arts Contemporànies (2010-2018) and has been part of the curatorial team of Co-habitar at Fabra i Coats Centre d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (2016-2017).
His research activities focus on the relationship between artistic practices and social space, themes he has written extensively about through publishing articles in different books and magazines. He has curated exhibitions such as TRANSLOCACIONES, Observatorio de proyectos (Arts Santa Mònica, 2015, Barcelona), Artesanos, construcciones colectivas del espacio social (La Capella, 2013, Barcelona) Catalizadores (Arts Santa Mònica, 2010, Barcelona), Intervened Cities (La Capella , 2010, Barcelona), Apamar: Gráficas, Métricas y Políticas del Espacio (ACVIC, 2011, Vic). He has also edited and coordinated publications like Translocaciones. Experiencias temporales, prácticas artísticas y contextos locales (Roulotte: 11, ACM, 2015) and Mecanismos de Porosidad (EUMO Editorial / ACVIC, 2013, Vic), among others.

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