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Paolo De


Paolo De
Paolo De

PAOLO DE (Cuba, 1987) is a self-taught multimedia artist whose work is indexed on the web based on the nominal identity of the digital platforms he inhabits: Paolo De Insta, Paolo De Yimeil, Paolo De Feisbeul, Paolo de Tuiter, etc. Paolo De focuses on media art, and specifically on trends such as Crypto-Art, Game-Art, Net.Art and Video-Art, and he has covered subjects concerning social networks and their influence on the dynamics of social relationships, as well as on the dissemination and consumption of information in the modern age, the crypto market and geo-regulated blockchain technology, spaces of censorship and the false decentralisation policies of online communities, the internet as an architecture of power, manipulation, and a surveillance centre, digital identity, and interaction and discursive narratives in modern video games, among others. He is deemed to be one of the first NFT artists in Cuba.

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