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Nancy Garín


Nancy Garín
Nancy Garín

Nancy Garín is an independent journalist, art researcher and curator working in projects related to critical thinking, new pedagogies, archives, memory and decolonialism.

Being part of the Etcétera group (Argentina) and the Internacioanl Erroristas, she participated in numerous exhibitions and artistic actions since 2000. Since 2011, she is co-founder of Equipo re, a research platform on intersections between body policies and archives, carrying out different projects of mediation, production and curation. From that proyect Anarchivo sida was born, holding exhibitions (Tabakalera / 2016, Conde Duque / 2017 and CED / MACBA / 2018-2019), publications, debates and pedagogical activities. Between 2012 and 2017, she participated in the Peninsula group, Colonial processes and artistic and curatorial practices. In 2017 she started the project Espectros de lo Urbano analyzing the urban phenomenon as a privileged ally of predatory processes of capitalism and the neo-liberalism agenda linked to the persistencies of the colonial machinery.


Last update: 16th November, 2020

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