Michele Spanghero

1979, Gorizia

Michele Spanghero
Michele Spanghero
Artist, Participant

Michele Spanghero’s artistic activity focuses on the relationship between space and perception investigated through sonic arts, video and photography.

He has exhibited his works in various international venues such as Darb 1718 Center (Cairo), Museum of Modern Art (Istanbul), MAGASIN Centre National d’Art Contemporain (Grenoble), Stroom Foundation (The Hague), Festival Tina-B (Prague), Vžigalica Galerija (Ljubljana), Mestna Galerija (Nova Gorica), Academy of Fine Arts (Cincinnati), Navy Pier (Chicago), Italian Embassy (Brussels), Mart Museum (Rovereto), National Gallery of Umbria (Perugia), Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation (Venice), Tempio di Adriano (Rome), Galleria Civica (Modena) and 16th Art Quadriennale (Rome).

Spanghero was awarded the Premio Icona at ArtVerona (2012), Blumm Prize in Brussels (2013), Premio In Sesto international public art award (2015) and received the mention as “Best Young Italian Artist for 2016” according to Artribune magazine.

His works are part of both private and public collections, such as La Gaia Collection, Finstral Collection, Mart – Museo d’Arte Trento e Rovereto, Ettore Fico museum in Turin and Parc01 in Siracusa.

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