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Mercedes Mangrané

Mercedes Mangrané
Mercedes Mangrané
Mercedes Mangrané (Barcelona, 1988) is a visual artist focused on painting and video. Her works depart from a close observation of daily life details from an anthropological and poetic interest. Some of the narratives of her late work question the common spaces constituted by the new leisure and city landscapes, the naturalized artifice or comfort icons as reflection of biopolitical power, using the language of simplicity to understand complexity.
The artist has exhibited a solo show titled “Reward” in Ana Mas Projects gallery (Art Nou festival 2017) and has participated in several group exhibitions such as Arts Santa Mònica, Bòlit Centre d’Art Contemporani (Girona), Capella de St Roc (Tarragona), Centre d’Art la Panera (Lleida), Centre Cultural del Carme (Valencia) Mangrané recently obtained the art grant “Creation and Museums” for The Night of Museums 2018 (Ajuntament de Barcelona) in the Botanical Garden of Barcelona (coproduction by She has been awarded by the Vilacasas Foundation painting acquisition prize at Swab Art Fair 2018. Lastly, the artist has participated in several international art fairs with Ana Mas Projects (ARCO, Swab Art Fair, Untitled Miami).
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