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MASBEDO (Nicolò Massazza and Iacopo Bedogni)

MASBEDO (Nicolò Massazza and Iacopo Bedogni)
MASBEDO (Nicolò Massazza and Iacopo Bedogni)
Artist, Speaker

MASBEDO (Nicolò Massazza, 1973, Milan – Iacopo Bedogni, 1970, Sarzana) started their artistic career in 1999, focusing on the potential of video art and video installation. Developed around the theme of incommunicability in contemporary society, their research has produced both, intimate works and more socio-political and anthropological-cultural productions. Their aesthetic approach presents pictorial aspects and the realization of their videos pursues the goal of involving the viewer in the space created by the moving images through immersive installations. They have had solo shows in important museums, biennals (Manifesta 12, 54.Venice Biennale), and foundations both in Italy and abroad, as well as participating in various film festivals. Their works are included in relevant private and public collections: MART Rovereto; Fondazione Merz Turin; GAM – Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Turin; DA2 Salamanca; CAAM Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderna, Las Palmas; Tel Aviv Museum of Art.


Last update 2nd October 2018

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