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Martín Vitaliti

1978, Buenos Aires

Martín Vitaliti
Martín Vitaliti

Martín Vitaliti (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1978) is a visual artist and researcher on the logics of representation. His work has focused on the analysis of the verbal and iconic narrative codes of comic books to reflect on this language as yet another narrative construction of modern art. The methodology he uses is close to appropriation, borrowing references from sub-cultures that allow him to examine and demystify the creative process, covering subjects such as quotes, authorship, creation, reproduction and/or originality. The formats he uses to develop his work have covered graphic images, installations, video and/or publications.

His most recent exhibited works include Es muro es mero muro es mudo mira muere, Blueproject Foundation (Madrid, 2021); La idea de una imagen, Fundació Suñol (Barcelona, 2021); Para ser dos hay que ser diferentes, Galería etHALL (Barcelona, 2020).

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