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Mark Požlep


Mark Požlep
Mark Požlep

Mark Požlep graduated the Academy of Fine Arts atthe University of Arts in Ljubljana (Slovenia) in 2006 from where he also received his MA degreefrom the Department of Video in 2009. In 2019 he graduated from HISK in Ghent (Belgium) where he currently lives and works. He is a storyteller drawing on popular culture and current events to perform tales about historical personalities, literary protagonists, characters from film and figures from various social groups. He takes us into a world composed of documentary materials, lived experience, spoken word as well the unconscious and the elusive, but without creating an atmosphere of mystery. Požlep transmutes his own reality into the reality of each one of us with incredible lucidity. He propels us into a realm where his stories make reality more bearable, a realm in which childlike yearning and enthusiasm fuse and transform into spirited anecdotes full of unforgettable exploits. 

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