Mario Gutierrez


Mario Gutierrez is an artist, curator and creative. Director of the Festival of Video art PROYECTOR, 2008-18, the video art exhibition DVD Project, 2008-19. President of KREÆ [Institute of Contemporary Creation], 2009-19. I have directed Espacio Menosuno, center of artistic experimentation, 2000-10. As well as the sound and interactive art exhibition IN-SONORA, 2005-2010. Commissioner and contributor to festivals, art biennials, workshops, round tables, fairs such as Hybrid in Madrid, Coutures in France, Interference in the Netherlands, Saout Meeting in Morocco, Sound Res in Italy, MPA, Kulturapalast in Germany, Nit’s de Aielo i art, ARTe SONoro, Festival of Music and Experimental Art Decibelio 06, ARTJaén 2012-16, Bienal FotoJaén 2011, FotoGranada 2010, Open of Action 2012-19, Epipiderme, Encontro IMERGÊNCIA 2011, FONLAD 2011-18, FUSO 2014 -16 in Portugal.

Last update 29th May 2019